Suddenly, AI-Powered Threats Don’t Seem So Intelligent

Cosmos out-innovates adversaries with AI, providing faster and more accurate detection of threats to prevent patient zero.


The industry’s first solution to secure the web from the unknown

Ensure safe access to the internet with the industry's first real-time prevention of known and unknown web-based threats, preventing 40% more threats than traditional web filtering databases.

Network Security Guardians: Staying Ahead of Attackers to Protect the Digital Realm

Join Paolo and his team as they protect the digital realm and stay ahead of today’s attackers.

Secure the Web from Unknown and Highly-Evasive Threats

Learn how to fortify your web security against advanced threats and protect your expanded network.
Secure Shield

Benefit from the latest innovations in web security

Learn how to use Advanced URL Filtering and DNS Security to secure your internet edge.

Deliver advanced protection against evasive threats

Learn how inline deep learning can stop unknown and evasive threats in real time.

Safeguard the web in real time with inline protection

Safeguard the web in real time with inline protection

Benefit from inline deep learning capabilities that can detect and prevent threats faster than the time it takes to blink – stopping 76% of malicious URLs 24 hours before other vendors.

Prevent the latest and most sophisticated phishing attacks

Prevent the latest and most sophisticated phishing attacks

Get layers of prevention to protect your organization from advanced and highly evasive phishing attacks, all in real time.

Simply build policies into your NGFW for total control of your traffic

Simply build policies into your NGFW for total control of your traffic

Fine-grained controls and policy settings give you complete control of your web traffic and enable you to automate security actions based on users, risk ratings, and content categories.

Eliminate security silos and keep users safe

Eliminate security silos and keep users safe

We can help you attain proper security posture 30% faster compared to point solutions.

Ease of deployment

Ease of deployment

Flexible deployment options

We offer flexible deployment options for those who use a proxy to secure their web traffic, giving you a seamless transition to explicit or transparent proxy.

Take a closer look at the evolution of today's web-based threats and how Palo Alto Networks' Advanced URL Filtering solution can prevent today's unknown and sophisticated web-based threats in real time.
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Automatically detect and prevent new and advanced web-based threats instantly

Bringing together the best of both worlds, Advanced URL Filtering combines our renowned malicious URL database capabilities with the industry's first real-time web protection engine powered by machine learning and deep learning models.

Welcome to real-time protection

Advanced URL Filtering leverages advanced deep learning capabilities to stop unknown web-based attacks in real time.

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Maximize security efficacy

Streamline deployment, automate policy, and effectively detect and prevent known and unknown web-based attacks.

  • 45%


  • 30%


  • $9.9M


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